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Liz Chalfin, Book of Days 

Signifier and Unconscious


In his undertaking of the return to Freud, Lacan re-structures psychoanalysis linguistically, and thus makes psychoanalysis a science of the signifier.


This Chinese speaking seminar will focus on the concept of signifier based on the readings including Saussure’s initial conceptualization about ‘signifier’ and ‘signified’ and Lacan’s further reflection on the signifier, especially its profound relation to the unconscious. The seminar will also open the discussion towards the question about what practitioners could do with the signifiers in Chinese clinical context.



Ferdinand de Saussure, Selections from Course in General Linguistics

Jacques Lacan, The Instance of the Letter in the Unconscious or Reason Since Freud (Selected

from Ecrits)

Jacques Lacan, Selections from Seminar III

Jacques Lacan, Selections from Seminar XI

Tom Eyers, The ‘Signifier-in-Relation’, the ‘Signifier-in-Isolation’, and the Concept of the ‘Real’ in Lacan


Faculty: Ruonan Liu, Candidate Analyst of the School

Dates and Times: 8:30-11am Beijing Time, the Fourth Saturday of every month, from

September 2023-April 2024, no classes in December 2023. 

Location: Online via Voov

Fee:  2100 Yuan (RMB) / $300 USD or LSP Tuition

Contact: Ruonan Liu at or through WeChat account


Note: This seminar will be in Mandarin Chinese

Ruonan Liu is a licensed psychotherapist and counseling psychologist from China, currently

working in a university. He earned a master’s degree in therapeutic and counseling psychology

and continued with his academic research on Lacanian psychoanalysis and phenomenology for a couple of years. Ruonan’s clinical training includes psychoanalysis, Gestalt psychotherapy, trauma treatment and clinical supervision. Now he is being trained at the Lacanian School of

Psychoanalysis where he is currently in formation as a Candidate Analyst. He has a private practice in psychoanalysis located in Shenzhen, China.


Tel:  +86-180-3818-7355

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