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Robert Rauschenberg, Seminole

Cartel For Writing Psychoanalysis


“Writing becomes an instrument for calculating the real” (Lucie Cantin)


This cartel invites participants with writing practices, or those who wish to develop them, into a space to speak about their writing and share their works-in-progress.


Explore emerging themes, forms, and experiments in your writing practices—with the benefit of a small group of others who will function as readers, listeners, and witnesses to your work.


All genres welcome. Risking leaps into poetic, fictional, memoir, or hybrid forms highly encouraged. What new and inventive ways may you try to write psychoanalysis that speak to your own singular subjectivity?


Each participant shall be prepared to begin a new piece of writing at the start of the cartel and develop it over the duration of our time together. Meetings will provide time and space for participants to share their individual projects and invite feedback, questions, or comments, if so desired.


This will be a censor and critique-free space—one that seeks to place analytic ethics at the service of the writer in relation to their unconscious and the social link.

Faculty: Christopher McCann, PhD, LSP Candidate Analyst

Dates and Times: Monthly, First Saturdays 12-1:30pm ET, Beginning September 2023-TBD. Time can be modified.

Location: Online via Zoom

Fee: Free, donation to the school encouraged.

Contact: Christopher McCann –

Note: Limited to four participants, faculty included

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