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Zhou Changjiang, Chaos

Freiheit macht Arbeit

Reading Jacques Lacan’s S.XX:  Encore, supplemented by Willy Apollon’s concept of le féminin.


WANT-TO-KNOW:  the thing at work in analysis. A want to know about the want to know. A wanting which itself is wanting – because it does not want to know, it wants:  to be

Formalized as castration, this rupture – cleaving wanting, which is knowing, and being, which is not wanting – has produced a many-named attempt to speak of its result:  the feminine, jouissance of the Other/other jouissance, the out of language, the unsayable, the untreatable, the spirit … ‘To speak of it,’ because it is the result of the encounter with self-as-one’s-rupture:  the primordial advent of the Other, become cause of speech – that of the act. AKA:  the birth of the Subject.

Speech always [is] a reply.


Linking what is out of language with the category of Woman and ‘the feminine,’ Lacan and Apollon, respectively – via logic and clinical experience – prioritize an unutterable core, beyond signification and therefore beyond Law, established as the heart of the ‘speaking being’ – Lacan’s parlêtre and Apollon’s human. Setting out from the Freudian discovery along successive and distinct paths, each – crucially – delink the feminine from the female sexed-body, to describe the root of being-human, and the shared – if eventually socially differenced – natal crisis of a human being. And just as crucially, for each as well, this beyond-Law demands what a non-nostalgic ethics of its desire – its act – [a] reply to the unsayable – might mean; and how the unsayable and the uncommittable-act-committed (the prohibited) are inseverably bound. 


A turn to the esthetic links both metapsychologies.

All throughout, the implicit echo of our seminar’s title will call:  what the EFQ names the masculine – how a beyond the law is lived – can and can’t be lived – with others.


For us, we ask:  what is an analysis attuned to this? What is its desire? For us, a question of analytic formation is at hand. The question of social effects and the world’s signage at our gates.


Each week our first hour we’ll read aloud each successive chapter of Seminar XX – a book containing rich discussion of Lacan’s four discourses, feminine sexuality, as well as advancing Lacan’s work with the Borromean rings. We’ll supplement this with relevant texts from Willy Apollon and the École freudienne du Québec (the EFQ, also known as Gifric). 

The second hour we’ll talk.


Faculty:  Matthew Seidman, Candidate Research Analyst

Dates and Times: Monday 5:30-7:30 pm PT, 8:30-10:30 ET; October 2 2023 - January 15 2024

Location: Online via Zoom

Fee: $25/class (suggested, none turned away) or LSP Tuition


Matthew Seidman [MFA, CalArts] is a candidate research analyst at the LSP, and a member of the California Circle of GIFRIC; he is also participating in SPIIRAL/PAS, a nascent GIFRIC-inspired Project for an American School. Poly-modal artist, analyst, instructor, yogi; 2023 marks his 25th year as a yoga teacher. He also hosts an analytic-framed movement workshop:  To Be And Not To Be, a Fundamental Rule movement lab. In all its modes, his creative work is mytho-erotic, recognizably Jewish, and via the body-that-speaks, moves through a devastated temporality (ethics) along a membrane cleaving poetry and pornography. He calls it traumedy. It has been published, staged, screened, heard and hung in the US, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia. A selection of his work is collected at – A’ Traveling Yeshiva Sideshow.

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