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Judith Bowerman,

Unknown Matter, detail

Écrits - Reading group 5th year

Lacan once said in an interview, “I did not write my Écrits in order for people to understand them, but in order for people to read them.” It is impossible to read Lacan passively, as though waiting for the master to provide a pat explanation of psychoanalytic theory. He writes in a way that demands a bit of work on the part of the reader. One must be active, and give something of oneself in order to make use of these texts. The reading is thus formative insofar as it is informative. In this group, now entering its fifth year, we work through the text, share questions and conclusions, and discuss clinical applications. Space is limited, and new members are welcome on a space-available basis.


Required text: Lacan, J. Écrits. (2006) Trans. By Bruce Fink. New York: Norton

Recommended Text: Vanheule, S., Neill, C., and Hook, D. (2018-2020). Reading Lacan’s Écrits, Routledge


Faculty: Nathan Lupo

Dates and Times: 9-11am Pacific Time, 2nd Sunday of the month September 2022-April 2023

Location: Online via Zoom.

Fee: Free, donation to the school encouraged. 

Contact: Nathan Lupo at

Nathan Lupo is a licensed therapist and candidate analyst at the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis. He has a clinical practice in San Francisco where he works with individuals, couples and families.

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