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Liz Chalfin, Book of Days 

Putting voice to Lacan's writings

This is a long-term reading group that has been meeting for a number of years, and we are looking to add new members.  The group chooses original Lacan texts and we read them together.  Participants take turns reading the text out loud, and members of group provide associations and exploration of anything they hear that strikes them.  The group is currently reading Ecrits, and we have been focused on this text for about a year so far.  The process of this group entails reading for depth rather than breadth, and the group will choose another text either upon completion of Ecrits and/or when there is a strong desire to go in a different direction.  In addition to focus on the text, group members are also invited to bring in case examples and discuss their work as it is elicited by the reading.  Particular emphasis will be placed on application of Lacan’s work to institutional settings including hospitals, correctional environments, and non-profit clinics.

Faculty: Roberto Lazcano, Ph.D. & Jonathan Fishman, Ph.D.

Dates/Times: Saturdays 1-3 PST, Dates TBD, Begins August 2024- May 2025

Location: Online via Zoom
Contact: Jonathan Fishman, Ph.D. at

Fee: Free of charge, donation to The School encouraged

Jonathan Fishman, Ph.D. Jonathan is a candidate in the Lacan school and has been working clinically with a Lacanian informed model for the past 11 years.  He has held clinical roles in correctional, community based non-profit, and private practice.  

Roberto Lazcano, PH.D. Roberto has been in the Lacanian school for over 20 years and has applied analytic thinking in hospital and community clinic settings.    

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