This seminar will introduce basic notions of Lacanian clinical practice, paying equal attention to Lacan’s reformulations of Freudian principles as well as original Lacanian contributions to Freud’s work. In this all day seminar the following topics will be covered. The standard frame and the non-standard frame that includes the standard frame. The demand for analysis and the beginning of treatment, the preliminary sessions, the length of sessions and treatment, the scanding of sessions, free association and the scanding of speech, dream analysis, the frequency of the sessions, and the ends of analysis. Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Different levels within interpretation and interpretation by analyst and analysand. The direction of the treatment, the payments of the analyst and analysand, transference and the subject supposed to know(ing). The desire of the analyst, knowledge and knowing, speech, discourse, language, and lalangue. The place of affects, love and hate in the transference and transformations of jouissance. Historical and material truth, fantasy and trauma, the Name of the Father and the Desire of the Mother. The Other and the Unconscious, the Freudian Unconscious and the Real Unconscious, the phallus and the objet a. The analysis of resistance and the resistance of the analyst, the symptom, sinthome, and the character trait, unconscious defenses and a new ego in the Real.

This seminar will be comprised of a morning and an afternoon session. For the morning session Raul Moncayo will present and Marcelo Estrada will respond to the presentation and the reverse will be true for the afternoon. Both sessions will be followed by discussion and case presentations.

Faculty: Raul Moncayo and Marcelo Estrada
Date: Saturday November 5
Time: 9-5
Los Angeles/Beverly Hills
The Maple Counseling Center
9107 Wilshire Blvd.
Lower Level
Beverly Hills, CA
Fee: $300.00; Student Fee: $80