Palimpsest, from the Greek palimpsestos, “scraped again,” is defined as a written document, usually on vellum or parchment, that has been written upon several times, often withthe remnants of erased writing still visible. The Palimpsest is a written statement submitted by anyone who wishes to become a Candidate in the School. This written statement is based on the proposed Candidate’s personal reaction to three founding texts. The proposed Candidate is to read the texts and put forward his or her desire with regards to becoming a Lacanian analyst, and his or her stance regarding psychoanalysis. In this endeavor the prospective Candidate is invited to engage in creative thought, and is free to alter or recreate the original texts in any conceivable way. Once a year a Palimpsest meeting is held during which prospective candidates present their Palimpsest to the attendees. The palimpsest exercise was modified from the practice of the Dutch School of Psychoanalysis.

Date: Saturday October 15, 2017
Time: 4:30-6:00 PM following Sergio Benvenuto’s seminar